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About John

My name is John Wolferth, I'm an experienced culinary professional, having created and opened multiple restaurant concepts, as well as being en executive chef. I have also appeared  a number of times on NBC to cook my own recipe creations. I have worked extensively creating recipes, writing articles, and styling food for live television, digital photography for magazines, cookbooks, electronic media, and for celebrity chefs. I also create and test recipes for cookbook creation, small appliance demonstrations, and style food for corporate food producers.


the Culinary Institute of America

Awards & Nominations:

6 year March of Dimes "Star Chef"

"Best Chef's of America" recipient

Repeat "Best of Philly" and "Best of Main Line" recipient

Recognized by North Carolina Historical Society

All of the food in the images on this site are also original recipes I've created.

Credits: some images QVC
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